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Aerospace Vehicle Performance Course Held at Arnold Engineering Development Complex

From 16-19 September, Aerosciences instructor J. Terry White taught his Aerospace Vehicle Performace (AVP) course to the fine aerospace professionals at Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC). This is the fourth course Mr. White has taught to AEDC community in the past 13 months, having previously taught his Fundamentals of Hypersonics (FOH) and Basic Missile Aerodynamics (BMA) courses to the organization, which is based at Arnold Air Force Base, TN.

September 2013 AVP Class Picture

The AVP course has been a popular course of late, which seems to be linked with ongoing industry efforts to design more advanced aerospace vehicles. The course provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to accurately estimate aircraft take-off and landing performance and understand the essentials of proper aircraft design. With these and other simple tools, students are able to estimate the performance of a wide variety of general aviation, commercial, military and special purpose aircraft missions.

One student in attendance noted that the course appeals to professionals from diverse fields, saying “The course would be great for engineers who come from other backgrounds but need aero knowledge.” Another student commented on the course’s relevancy to AEDC in particular, saying “Mr. White provided an outstanding presentation of basic performance methodology and analysis approach. The course helps establish a fundamental understanding of aircraft aerodynamic performance and other core competencies for the AEDC test mission.”

Mr. White is honored by the opportunity to serve the innovative men and women at AEDC. He and the entire WEA team would like to thank Mr. Don Malloy and Ms. Dee Wolfe, as well as each student in attendance this week.

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UAV Course Held at the Air Force Test Center

Sensors & Systems instructor John L. Minor just held his Fundamentals of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Missions and Systems (UAV) course at Edwards Air Force Base, CA. The training was held 09-13 September at the Air Force Test Center(AFTC), which conducts developmental test and evaluation of air, space and cyber systems to provide timely, objective and accurate information to decision makers.

September 2013 UAV Class Picture

The UAV course is designed for technical specialists, engineers, managers and operational professionals with responsibility for the selection, design, integration, test and operation of UAVs, UAV links and UAV payloads for any military or civil application. One student in attendance said, “This is a much-needed course for flight test engineers. The instructor was a great communicator – one of the best teachers I have ever had!” Another student commented on the essential element Mr. Minor brings to his courses, saying “He is an excellent teacher with great war stories and tales that brought real life into the academics.”

Mr. Minor and the entire WEA staff would like to thank Ms. Patricia Jones, Ms. Kathy Finley, Ms. Cathy Clum and each of the wonderful students in attendance.

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WEA Returns to the Air Force Test Center

Aerosciences instructor and CEO J. Terry White just taught two back-to-back classes to the brilliant men and women of the Air Force Test Center (AFTC) at Edwards Air Force Base, CA. This marks the tenth course Mr. White has had the pleasure of teaching at Edwards AFB, where he once worked as an Aerodynamics Engineer at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center. Regarding the opportunity to teach at Edwards AFB, he said, “I love being there because of the history, the people and the connection that it has with all things aerospace over the last 70 years. To me, Edwards is synonymous with flight test.”

August 2013 EAFB Class Pictures

From 05-08 August, Mr. White held his Aerospace Vehicle Performance (AVP) course, which provides a thorough training experience in the rudiments of propeller-driven and jet-propelled aircraft flight performance. Many of the students commented on the benefit of Mr. White’s instruction on specific excess power. One student said, “I needed a refresher on specific excess power and estimating tools – I haven’t used these concepts in years.” Another student commented, “Specific excess power seems to be glossed over in most texts, but it is used regularly in my job – nice to have it explained again.”

From 12-15 August, Aerospace Lessons-Learned (ALL) was taught to the AFTC community. The course is designed to help aerospace professionals avoid making the same mistakes as those who have gone before. One student emphasized this point, saying “I plan on sending my less-experienced and new lead engineers to this course. We have significant experience loss occurring and this course may help communicate knowledge to them that we cannot give due to lack of experience.” This, of course, is one of Mr. White’s great passions – to help preserve the legacy of lessons-learned in years gone past and pass the baton on to the new generation of aerospace professionals.

The WEA team extends sincere gratitude to the wonderfully helpful Ms. Kathy Finley and the exceptionally resourceful Ms. Cathy Clum, as well as each student in attendance. We hope to see you all again soon!

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Back-to-Back Courses Held at AEDC

J. Terry White just returned to Arnold Air Force Base, TN to teach the fine professionals at Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC). The flight simulation test facilities at AEDC operate 58 aerodynamic and propulsion wind tunnels, rocket and turbine engine test cells, space environmental chambers, arc heaters, ballistic ranges and other specialized units.

July-August AEDC Class Photos

From 22-25 July, Mr. White taught his Advanced Missile Aerodynamics (AMA) course. The course is designed for aerospace professionals seeking an advanced knowledge and understanding of classic missile aero force and moment prediction methodologies, with an emphasis placed on techniques pertinent to the preliminary design environment. As one student noted, “This course is very useful to those here at AEDC who work in wind tunnels, as well as others interested in aerodynamics.” Another student said “The course was excellent. I would recommend it to any engineer practicing in missile aerodynamics or testing fields.”

From 29 July – 01 August, Mr. White taught his increasingly popular Aerospace Lessons-Learned (ALL) short course . One student said the course “provided an excellent presentation of past accidents and failures. It made me more aware of influences that must be addressed correctly to prevent failure and loss of life.” Another student emphasized this point, saying “Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” This, of course, is the driving message behind the ALL short course. From design to implementation, the course has been a labor of love for Mr. White, who is a time-wizened veteran of the aerospace industry.

The WEA team would like to thank Ms. Dee Wolfe and Dr. Don Malloy for their enthusiastic assistance and support, as well as each of the wonderful students in attendance. It is a distinct pleasure working with the fine professionals at AEDC!

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WEA Returns to Arnold Engineering Development Complex

J. Terry White just taught two back-to-back short courses to a group of top-notch professionals from Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC). AEDC is located at Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee and is the most advanced and largest complex of flight simulation test facilities in the world.

From 18-22 March, Mr. White held a repeat offering of his Fundamentals of Hypersonics (FOH) course at AEDC. The initial offering of FOH to AEDC personnel was held 13-17 August 2012. The FOH course provides a thorough treatment of hypersonic flow physics, gas dynamics, aerodynamic heating, plasma effects, aeroacoustics and flight vehicle force and moment characteristics. One student elaborated on the usefulness of the course, saying “The overview of multiple aspects of hypersonics in this course provides context for specific applications of interest or particular fields of study. Even if you are an expert in the fundamentals of hypersonic flight, the course is worthwhile for the technical and historical briefs alone.”

March 2013 FOH Class Photo

From 25-28 March, Mr. White taught his Basic Missile Aerodynamics (BMA) course. The course provides expert instruction in the fundamentals of missile aerodynamics as applied to airframe design and test, with direct application across a broad spectrum of missile types including tactical missiles, ballistic missiles, launch vehicles, sounding rockets and projectiles. One kind student remarked on the learning experience, saying the course was “The most professional, concise and comprehensive course on aerodynamics I’ve ever taken. This course restored enthusiasm in flight that I had lost since graduating from my undergraduate program.”

March 2013 BMA Class Photo

White Eagle Aerospace strives to build and maintain a team of aerospace experts who are passionate about the subjects they teach – and equally passionate about teaching. Mr. White leads the team with an astounding love for what he does and found the two-week teaching experience at AEDC to be exceptionally rewarding. He said, “AEDC has always been connected to what’s happening in aerospace and this continues to be the case. It is a privilege teaching the professionals at the world’s preeminent ground test facility.”

The WEA team extends sincere gratitude to each of the students who attended the recent classes at AEDC, in addition to Ms. Dee Wolfe, Ms. Jeannie McFaddin and Mr. Don Malloy for their priceless assistance.

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