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“White Eagle Aerospace continues to deliver a variety of outstanding aerospace courses to the U.S. Air Force and their team members at AEDC. These courses have provided our engineering professionals with invaluable technical knowledge and information directly applicable to accomplishment of our agency’s mission. The people at White Eagle Aerospace are a pleasure to work with and are genuinely focused on customer satisfaction and success.”
Lead Aerodynamics Analysis Engineer, U.S. Air Force Analysis & Evaluation Branch

“Every aspect of White Eagle Aerospace is above and beyond! Excellent instructors, fantastic graphic and video presentations, clear and concise course material, amazing facts and milestones from aviation history that will enlighten every aerospace enthusiast, professional, engineer and student.”
Senior Flight Test Engineer, U.S. Air Force Test Center

“White Eagle Aerospace is a tremendous asset to the United States aerospace industry, providing very high-quality instruction in the science and engineering of our advanced aerospace systems. The courses are well-designed, the material scoped to appropriate detail and density, and the presentation excellent and professional. The dedicated student will come away from these classes feeling enlightened and educated in the history, the science, the mathematics, and the practical implications of the course material. I would not have believed that so much knowledge could be so expertly conveyed in such a short period had I not experienced it myself.”
Senior Manager, Raytheon Missile Systems

“White Eagle Aerospace has some of the best assembled presentation material of any course I have attended while working for the government. Highly detail oriented, yet clear and concise.”
Senior Aerodynamicist, National Air and Space Intelligence Center

“We have found that the short courses presented by White Eagle Aerospace were very valuable for the training of our young engineers and as a refresher for our experienced engineers. The courses are well thought out and the presentation is excellent. The course material and the references are a great resource. The course instructor was very knowledgeable about each topic and presents the subject matter in a very easy to understand way. We have scheduled several different courses and plan to schedule others in the future.”
Chief, Analysis & Evaluation, U.S. Air Force

“Every WEA course I attended was engaging and relevant to the current technological workforce. I was provided with an in-depth, yet appropriate level of technical information paired with real-life application that has served time and again to promote excellence within the developmental test and evaluation engineering career field.”
Flight Test Engineer, U.S. Air Force

“The White Eagle Aerospace professional short course series caters to a wide variety of audiences. Novices can gain a basic understanding of concepts and principles, while seasoned professionals can learn the finer details. The courses are interesting and inspire self-study beyond in-class content.”
Senior Aerodynamicist, National Air and Space Intelligence Center

“The courses offered by White Eagle Aerospace are first rate instruction for those new to aerospace, but also extremely useful as a source of reference for practitioners in the field. The lectures are carefully constructed from the definitive textbooks in the field, trusted journal articles, and recent conference papers while historical supplements offer unique insights and interpretations from test reports and press releases. Rarely does a student have the chance to be lectured to by someone as passionate about and as experienced as Terry is about the topics listed in their catalogue.”
Ph.D, United States Air Force

“Each time I have had the opportunity to attend a White Eagle Aerospace course, I have been enlightened. The material presented was personalized, extensive and delivered effectively. The knowledge gained has proved significant for the present and will be applicable well into the future. The instructors deliver knowledge, meaning and purpose to engineers.”
Test Engineer, U.S. Air Force

“I have taken many short courses from a variety of vendors and out of all the vendors, White Eagle Aerospace has been by far the best. The instructors bring a lot of experience, enthusiasm and knowledge to the training arena. White Eagle provides a great amount of useful references for the subject area. In addition, If you are looking for more than just checking the box for your training requirements, I would highly recommend these courses.”
Test Engineer, Arnold Engineering Development Complex

“White Eagle Aerospace is more than a company. Their philosophy is exemplified in the quality education and training brought to your organization.The enthusiasm created by their highly professional instructors and staff becomes contagious when the students return to their work environment and apply their newfound knowledge. WEA is about people – professional, experienced aerospace people committed to continuing the legacy of aerospace theory and application while developing the interest and knowledge base for the next generation of industry professionals and experts. They are focused on ensuring the transfer of knowledge and experience to your organization. As a former student of WEA courses, I can positively affirm the value added to my organization as a result of our encounters with WEA. The only challenge is deciding which class to pick when establishing the initial relationship with WEA!”
Manager, U.S. Government