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Company Profile

White Eagle Aerospace was founded in 2006 by J. Terry White as a product of his life-long passion for flight, his love of teaching and his desire to contribute to the future success of the aerospace industry.

Since our founding, we have become a trusted leader in professional technical training for private aerospace companies, government entities and professionals throughout the world. We provide expert aerospace consulting services and aerospace history presentations, customized to meet the immediate needs of your organization. With over 48 years of industry experience, aerosciences subject matter expert, J. Terry White, has a unique understanding of the critical need for ongoing technical training in the workplace. We provide proven, reliable solutions to you and your team while ensuring that valuable knowledge and experience will be passed from one generation of aerospace professionals to the next.

As an industry veteran, J. Terry White understands that acquiring key knowledge, critical lessons-learned and technical know-how are crucial for success in today’s complex and highly competitive aerospace market. Our nationally-acclaimed aerosciences short courses cover a wide range of real-world technical subjects. Each course is delivered by a subject matter expert who is also a master instructor, so the information is both highly applicable and highly accessible. We offer you comprehensive technical training in essential topics with minimal time away from work – all at a price that fits today’s tight training budgets.

White Eagle Aerospace is dedicated to providing unparalleled training to the men and women of today’s aerospace industry. When you choose White Eagle Aerospace, you get more than an exceptional training product – you get attentive and friendly support from our family-run company. We are honored to deliver our one-of-a-kind short courses to our nation’s aerospace professionals.

J. Terry White Curriculum Vitae

J. Terry White is president and CEO of White Eagle Aerospace. His desire to share the joy of flight, combined with his passion for teaching and his love of all things aerospace, culminated in the formation of the company.

Phyllis White

Phyllis brings 48+ years of business and administration experience to White Eagle Aerospace. As Executive Director, she stands beside her husband, Terry, as the face of our company.

Angela White

Angela brings 20 years of administrative and client relationship experience to White Eagle Aerospace. As Administrative Director, she supports our team and is often the first point of contact for our new and existing clients. She has a deep love for people, which shines through in her communication and her demeanor.