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Sensors & Systems instructor John L. Minor just held his Fundamentals of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Missions and Systems (UAV) course at Edwards Air Force Base, CA. The training was held 09-13 September at the Air Force Test Center(AFTC), which conducts developmental test and evaluation of air, space and cyber systems to provide timely, objective and accurate information to decision makers.

September 2013 UAV Class Picture

The UAV course is designed for technical specialists, engineers, managers and operational professionals with responsibility for the selection, design, integration, test and operation of UAVs, UAV links and UAV payloads for any military or civil application. One student in attendance said, “This is a much-needed course for flight test engineers. The instructor was a great communicator – one of the best teachers I have ever had!” Another student commented on the essential element Mr. Minor brings to his courses, saying “He is an excellent teacher with great war stories and tales that brought real life into the academics.”

Mr. Minor and the entire WEA staff would like to thank Ms. Patricia Jones, Ms. Kathy Finley, Ms. Cathy Clum and each of the wonderful students in attendance.

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