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J. Terry White, CEO and Aerosciences Instructor at White Eagle Aerospace, recently held his acclaimed Aerodynamics For Engineers (AFE) short course at Edwards Air Force Base, CA. The course, which provides a comprehensive training experience in basic aerodynamic principles applicable to the subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flight regimes, was held 24-27 October 2011.

Said Mr. White: “I always look forward to coming out to the Air Force Flight Test Center on teaching assignments. The people here are highly motivated aerospace professionals and it is a distinct pleasure to have them in class. It goes without saying that Edwards is a special place when it comes to the world of flight. The profound sense of history that one feels here is extremely inspiring.  Edwards is truly the hallowed ground of flight.”

AFE Oct 2011 Class Photo

Class Photo
Aerodynamics For Engineers
Edwards Air Force Base, CA
24 – 27 October 2011

White Eagle Aerospace is honored to serve the United States military and civilian personnel at Edwards AFB and would like to sincerely thank each student who attended this course. In addition, the WEA team extends special gratitude to Ms. Cathy Clum and Ms. Linda Harrison – whose time and assistance have been invaluable.

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