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From 07-11 May 2012, J. Terry White brought his Aerodynamics For Engineersshort course to Edwards Air Force Base, CA. The training was provided to aerospace professionals from the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC), whose workforce includes roughly 12,800 men and women focused on conducting and supporting research, development, test and evaluation of aerospace systems from concept to combat.

May 2012 AFE Class Photo

Class Photo
Aerodynamics For Engineers
Air Force Flight Test Center • Edwards AFB, CA
07 – 11 May 2012

The AFE course continues to be in high demand, both at Edwards AFB and elsewhere. It is also the longest-running and most-taught class to date in the WEA curriculum. White was very impressed with the AFFTC course participants, saying, “The class was extremely engaged, asking lots of questions and providing insightful commentary. From an instructor’s standpoint, it was a particularly rewarding experience.”

On the final day of class, students made a special field trip to the AFFTC Museum where White gave a guided tour and discussed the design characteristics of several legendary aircraft. Said one kind student regarding the training experience, “Mr. White has the ability that most experts of his type do not: the ability to actually teach what he knows to  others in a way that the average person can follow!” Photos of the course can be found on WEA’s Facebook page.

The WEA team thanks each student who attended this offering of the AFE course and extends special gratitude to Ms. Christine Verdugo – whose continued assistance and support is unmatched.

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