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White Eagle Aerospace is pleased to announce the return of the in-demandFundamentals of Electro-Optics and Infrared (EO/IR) Sensors (FEOIR) 5-day short course taught by instructor John L. Minor. The course will be held at the AERO Institute in Palmdale, CA from 16th – 20th April 2012. Minor is a world-renowned instructor and expert in Electro-Optics and Infrared Sensors who brings unsurpassed knowledge and experience to the course, both academically and professionally. In addition, he has over 1500 flight test hours as a flight test engineer, flight test instructor, and aircrew member.

FEOIR News March 2012

Academic qualifications include: Associates of Science in Electronics Technology; Yuba College, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Minor in Mathematics); University of New Mexico/Air Force Institute of Technology; Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (with Electro-Optics Emphasis); University of New Mexico/Air Force Institute of Technology; PhD Qualifying Exam Passed; University of New Mexico; and United States Air Force Test Pilot School, Class 87B.

Flight qualifications include: Master Instructor Flight Test Engineer for USAF Test Pilot School 1988-1989, 1999-2003; Senior Flight Test Engineer; Senior Non-Rated Aircrew Member; Technical Director & Senior Instructor Flight Test Engineer for USAF Test Pilot School 2004-2008

Flight test experience includes: F-16 A/B & C/D Avionics, Electro-Optics and Infrared (EO/IR) Sensors, RADAR, and Electronic Warfare (EW);  AN/ALQ-179 CORONET PRINCE EO Countermeasures System; HH-60D Night Hawk Search and Rescue (SAR); AN/AAQ-13 & -14 Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night (LANTIRN) System; F-16D Tactical Reconnaissance (F-16 TAC RECCE); BQM-145A Medium Range Unmanned Air Vehicle; AGM-136A Tacit Rainbow Extended Loiter Anti-Radiation Missile; CL-227 Sentinel (Flying Peanut) Rotary Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System (ATARS); F/A-18D(RC) Tactical Reconnaissance (F-18 TAC RECCE); AN/AVD-5 Electro-Optical Long Range Oblique Photography System (EOLOROPS); RQ-3A DARKSTAR; NF-16D Variable Inflight Stability Test/Training Aircraft (VISTA); Plus Numerous Classified Special Projects.

Major aircraft & simulators flown: Aircraft: F-16B/D, NF-16D, F-15E, F-15B, RF-4C, F-4D/E/F, T-38, NC-131, C-130, C-12, T-39, B-52, C-5, C-141, U-6A, UV-18, UH-1H&N & HH-1H, HH-60D, P-3, F-14, F-18, OH-58, EMB-312, EMB-120, and numerous gliders; Simulators: F-16, F-15E, F-18, SR-71, B727, B737, B757, L1011, A-380

Test range experience includes: Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, CA; Air Force Development Test Center, Eglin AFB, FL;  Arnold Air Development Center (AEDC), TN; Pacific Missile Range Facility, CA; Naval Air Warfare Center-Weapons Division (NAWC-WD), CA; Naval Air Warfare Center-Aircraft Division (NAWC-AD), CA; Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), NV; Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR); White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), NM; Joint Interoperability Test Range, Fort Huachuca, AZ; Yuma Electronic Proving Ground, AZ.

Professional affiliations include: Fellow of the Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE); Past President of the Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE); Senior Member of AIAA; Member of ITEA; Member of IEEE; Member of INCOSE; Member of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Association; Member of the Flight Test Historical Foundation.

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