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Fundamentals of Hypersonics (FOH) presents a thorough treatment of hypersonic flow physics, gas dynamics, aerodynamic heating, plasma effects, boundary layer, transition, aeroacoustics and flight vehicle force and moment characteristics. Course material also covers a myriad of other aerodynamics-related topics that are intimately related to hypersonic flight test and flight research operations. Chief among these topics are airbreathing propulsion systems, flight instrumentation, ground testing, thermal protection systems, stage separation and atmospheric models.



This course is best suited for individuals with academic or professional experience in aerodynamics and gas dynamics.

General Requirements

  • 1st Year College Calculus
  • 1st Year College Physics
  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • Basic Compressible Flow

Suggested WEA Preparatory Courses

  • May 6 – May 10, 2024

This section will be updated once an instructor from our cadre has been assigned.

The fee for this 4.5-day virtual course is $1195 per student.


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