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Aerospace Lessons-Learned (ALL) provides participants with the key knowledge, understanding and insight required to effectively apply the hard-won lessons-learned gleaned over the last half-century. The course stresses the importance of being cognizant of and learning from defining events in aerospace history. Participants will learn about significant events and mishaps – what worked, what did not work and why. Training is directly applicable to anyone working in the aerospace industry.



This course is best suited for individuals with an interest in aerospace history, systems engineering, flight safety, or flight test.

General Requirements

  • Background in aerospace engineering , the flight sciences or other technical disciplines.

Suggested WEA Preparatory Courses

  • There are no additional educational requirements for this course.
  • April 29 – May 2, 2024

We will update this section once an instructor from our cadre has been assigned.

The fee for this 3.5-day virtual course is $795 per student.


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